Scott Murray

Body Corporate Manager

Scott brings a strong background of experience in body corporate management, with an open, friendly approach, and a sound working knowledge of the legislative requirements for bodies corporate. He is thoughtful and thorough, with great attention to detail and a customer service approach.

Michele Le Roux

Office Administrator

Michele is well known to our clients and is often the first port of call. She has a very approachable and positive attitude and is always willing to help, particularly with arranging maintenance needs and general meeting support with great efficiency in the many and varied tasks that are encountered on a daily basis.

Terese Elias

Accounts Administration

Terese has a very professional manner, with a calm and diligent focus to assist with the management of accounts. She provides support to stakeholders with their payment enquiries and works busily behind the scenes to assist with the financial management of body corporate funds.

Lisa Wang


Lisa has been with the company since 2009. She is a qualified accountant who manages the financial affairs for Premium and our body corporate accounts. Lisa is highly committed, well organised, and efficient in her work. She is a good team member who will always offer support where it’s required.

Greg Yelavich

Maintenance Co-Ordinator

Greg is the newest member of our team. Greg started with us towards the end of 2018 as our Maintenance Co-Ordinator. This position has been created in recognition of the constant and growing need for property maintenance – both the planned (budgeted) and the unplanned (where hourly rates may apply), all in the interest of asset protection.

Greg brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously worked as a building inspector, and a maintenance contractor in past roles. Greg has a keen eye for detail, a high work ethic, and experience in identifying and offering smart solutions. He has proven himself to be a great asset to our team. As an aside, you may also be interested to know that Greg holds more Commonwealth Games medals than any other New Zealander! This speaks to the “calibre” of his character (sorry, pun intended! He’s a pistol shooter!).

Greg’s role incorporates site visitations (where practical), and he will facilitate all maintenance and insurance related work.